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DJI MAVIC PRO Review, is it Worth or Not?

Do you know the importance of drones in these modern days? Have you ever seen a small plane-like quadcopter flying in the air during a football match? Although, Drones have become a necessary key in different sectors of life. From the investigation of Police to filming a complete sports match or covering a memorable event of life, it has utmost importance. DJI MAVIC PRO is itself a state-of-the-art drone.

DJI MAVIC PRO has become the most modernized and eased drone to control these days. It has its qualities of the best compact, folding drone and has immense importance in the drone market. This state-of-the-art drone is a fully stabilized drone on a three-axis and holds a HIGH DEFINITION 4K camera. MAVIC PRO drone is relatively small in size compared to other drones in the market.

It is easily foldable in such a way that you will be able to put it in your backpack, Large hand purse, or water bottle holders. It comes in fine boxing in folded form and only requires few patch-ups to get ready for the first flight. Summarizing it is the most portable drone available.

It’s made up of fine metal with excellent fit and finishes. It is engineered with great thought, has quick-release propellers, no tools required, and a modern control with many options. It is only available in one state grey color. Another great property is that it saves electricity by low power consumption during charging and has reduced wear and tear.

Its landing gears lie underneath the base of the front wings. The above side of the DJI MAVIC PRO features a 12 MP camera with a 2x zoom of the finest quality. Using this camera, you can get an immediate photo if you want to capture it suddenly or shot a video. On the above side of the camera, there is a pair of fine sensors responsible for protecting the drone from possible danger, preventing damage by avoiding collision, and providing obstacle identification to avoid any obstacle on an immediate basis.

dji mavic pro review

There is a small spinning wheel on the right top that allows control for quick exposure level changes. It has an easily removable battery. Pinch the buttons alongside the battery unit, pull it up, or put it in the drone. The drone’s optical plastic dome can keep its parts dry and safe from the environment.

Moreover, it has an internal made-up cooling fan to keep the electronic parts cool during flight. MAVIC PRO can fly very easily. It does not need any particular degree or engineering knowledge. You just simply direct it where to go by using its remote control. It simply flips out its antenna and gets ready for the flight. In addition to modern features, it can connect to your smartphone. It also has a fantastic auto-pilot function that allows you to control the drone with a smartphone. DJI Mavic Pro is a commonly used drone in different flight operations. It is being used by the police department regarding the investigation, by the army for various flight operations, and in covering different sports like football, cricket, and especially Olympics.

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DJI MAVIC PRO Platinum Review 

It is the most advanced state of the DJI MAVIC PRO. An upgraded software completes it. This state-of-the-art drone has some internal updated features and introduces better propellers to increase flight time and reduce noise. To get the most out of it, you may consider replacing propellers by installing gold or silver-tipped propellers on your DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM.

MAVIC PRO is about 9 inches long when it is unfolded and reduces up to 3.5 inches when folded. It has the finest portable propellers, and they tuck in so gently that you can carry it anywhere easily. So, portability is no longer an issue. If it does not get propellers open, then go somewhere and tie them again by using tools to fly it. MAVIC PRO has many features, but portability is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It has the best flight abilities. And It almost carries a weight of 1.62 LBS, including battery and propellers. It can take vision simultaneously on the forward and backward side while in operation. Also, It has the best camera to take immediate photos and video, as already mentioned.

dji mavic pro and controller
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Positive Aspects

  • It is the most versatile and easily foldable drone.
  • It’s the most powerful irrespective of its size.
  • It inspired many other companies, and they built many small machines like it, but DJI MAVIC PRO is the best of all of them.
  • It’s very easy to operate.
  • It has some solid flight features.
  • And also It has a sudden recognition obstacle feature and can avoid the obstacle immediately.
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Negative Aspects

It has limited obstacle avoidance in such cases when in limited directions. The camera has become quite outdated compared to its rivals, and the sensor is not as good as the new arrivals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Here in this section of the DJI Mavic PRO REVIEW, we will be answering some of the very commonly asked questions. So, let’s get straight into it!


I will say that yes, MAVIC PRO is still worth it. It is because the price is very easily approachable by you. When you purchase the drone alone, it costs of 999$. But it cost you 1299$ to make it more flight combo. Although its price keeps on fluctuating, it remains between 799$ and 999$ always.


It is the best drone for any beginner. It’s easily understandable and easy to operate the drone. It is easily available for the first flight, so new beginners can easily use it.


YES! MAVIC PRO can shoot at 4K. it is equipped with a 12 MP camera of high definition with 2X zoom. It can also take photos in Adobe DNG RAW. For more stable videos and pictures, it has a three-axis gimbal, perfect for aerial shooting at 30fps and 1080p HD video at 96fps.

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It has the highest capacity of flying at an altitude of 16404 feet from above the ground level, which is 5000 meters.


The answer to this most frequently asked question is that “it mostly depends on you.” It means how you use it, how you transport it from one place to another and if, of course, you crash it then obviously it will get damaged. Keeping it fair can go on for more than 2-3 years or even more.


This probably is the most widely asked question among all those mentioned above. And the answer is “Yes!” Only those drones that weigh 55 pounds or less are free from this condition. However, it is essential to register drones that weigh more than 55 pounds. Otherwise, you will receive a penalty (the fine may vary from region to region). 

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DJI Mavic PRO REVIEW: Final Verdict

Here we are concluding our discussion regarding the DJI MAVIC PRO Review. It has many features like a 4K camera with 2X ZOOM. It’s easily portable from one place to another as propellers do not need to be untied first for transport. It has active sensors for obstacle identification. And also It has solid flight features. Moreover, it can take sudden videos and pictures if needed.

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Price History

  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay.
  • At you can purchase DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM w/ 4K Stabilized Camera for only $785.00
  • The lowest price of DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM w/ 4K Stabilized Camera. FLY MORE COMBO was obtained on March 19, 2021 2:51 am.

Price history for DJI MAVIC PRO PLATINUM w/ 4K Stabilized Camera
Latest updates:
  • $785.00 - January 16, 2021
  • $799.00 - December 7, 2020
  • $785.00 - July 12, 2020
Since: July 12, 2020
  • Highest Price: $799.00 - December 7, 2020
  • Lowest Price: $785.00 - July 12, 2020

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8.5 Total Score
DJI Mavic PRO Platinum Review

The DJI Mavic Pro inspired many similar drones and remains one of the better compact, folding drones in the market...

  • It is the most versatile and easily foldable drone.
  • It is the most powerful irrespective of its size.
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • It has some solid flight features.
  • It has a sudden recognition obstacle feature and can avoid the obstacle immediately.
  • It has limited obstacle avoidance.
  • The camera has become quite outdated compared to its rivals
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